Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This will change your life..

Yo! So I was trying to think about something that would interest you and I figured listing my pet peeves might help you relate to me and maybe break the ice between you and me as far as getting to be BLOGGER-BUDDIES.. ... ... that's ironic.. .. why? because that's number one on my list.. ...

1. When people refer to me as 'Buddy' or 'Kid'.. that's fine for a 5 year old with no friends but I'm not 5 and I have 3 friends thank you very much!!!

2. Text 'Slang'. Seriously.. how hard is it to text out the full word?! It might seem harmless at first, "Oh come'on.. I'm just trying to text faster!" yeah.. .. I've seen kids my age use it in a final draft for a school paper.. .. it makes you look like a brainless DUMBFACE who's too stupid to spell out Y-O-U. Is that really how you want people to judge you?

3. Hypocrites.. I know that seems like an obvious peeve but the obvious hypocrites don't bother me because they're not fooling anyone.. the ones who REALLY bug me are the ones who talk about things like religion and being a good person and doing the right thing and being a good friend but then do something that COMPLETELY contradicts what they preach about every day in order to appear more God-like etc.

4. Swearing.. I can't stand it when people cuss.. (I'm not saying I haven't done it because that'd make me a liar which isn't cool..) But they don't do it because they picked it up from their parents and just find it habitual (?) .. they do it because they think they come off looking/sounding cooler when they do.. I get cussed around every day (highschooler) and it always comes from the insecure underclassmen who want to fit in a seem more mature to the upperclassmen.. it's pathetic! and what's even MORE pathetic is when someone laughs at what they say because they actually think that person is cool for swearing!!! WHAT THE @#*()$&@)#($&)@?! .. haha only joking..

5. Ignorant losers.. Being a high school student I pretty much wade through wave after wave of ignorant loudmouths in the hallway. I'm referring to the kids who think they've got everything figured out but actually have no idea what they're preachin' about.. whether it be political or religious, it doesn't matter.. This last week a kid actually defended the kkk and other hate groups because he said it was wrong to hate anyone for anything. "It's America, you can do what you want and I'm not going to judge anyone for anything and you shouldn't either! If the KKK want to wave the stars and bars and kill black people then that's their freedom as Americans.. I'm not saying I like them, because I don't.. but I don't think it's good to hate anyone.." .. ... ... ... WHAT?! Thankfully my teacher, Mrs. Jackson, stepped in and argued with him a little, not a lot, but just enough to show just how braindead that kid was. He then figured out he wasn't making any sense and called my teacher a Yankee.. .. yeah, that didn't go well .. they're planning to paint over the blood on the walls during MLK weekend..

I know no one likes a super long post so I'm stopping at 5.. hope you found them interesting and I'm interested to hear what you have to say about all of it..


TenaciousT said...

I think it's appropriate to paint over the blood of a KKK supporter on MLK weekend...

keep bloggin friend (is this more acceptable than "buddy"?)

Dylan Hollinger a.k.a 'Papi Chulo' said...

MUCH more acceptable than 'buddy'.. I really appreciate that..

TenaciousT said...

also i liked the title. it really did change my life, ha!